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Set to launch June 2022, the search is on to sign up the first cohort of creative graduates, so in preparation, you are invited to register your interest, and read through our frequently asked questions.

How much will it cost?

Straight to the point, ay? Can’t blame you. Fact is: accounts are free for early sign up. £0. Zilch. After your first paid contract, agency fees will be taken from the client, not from you- you will receive all of your promised pay; after all- you earned it.

Plans are currently to introduce a subscription fee for those registered on or after September 2022, but even then, it will be a maximum of £25 a year. Few competitors offer this level of bespoke clientele and marketing- and definitely not at that price. Though if early registration is free- there’s no need to wait.

Where do I start?

We need a few details including name, address and student ID and the course(s) you studied. Sign up also includes a list of keywords and services which will match you to the best briefs. Once your student ID has been verified, you are on the system , and will receive notifications of each job we get in that fits your skill set.

Yes, Liam, and we’ll match you to a very particular brief; don’t get huffy

When notified of a brief, you can submit your proposal to us; detailing time
it would take, fees required and links to work.
You’re not on your own- we’re on hand to offer pricing advice and our active
community will help you with any freelance nerves. ( Believe me, we all have
them) Of course, you can also update your portfolio at any time- a digital shop-window
to showcase your work and draw the clients in.

At the given deadline, all proposals will be submitted to the client who can
review them. If chosen, you will be notified, and a  contract sent out
to sign.

I don’t have to draw up my own contracts with each client?

Absolutely not.

So I have a contract. What now?

Now you complete it.

We recommend a lot of communication with the client as you go, to make sure you are on the right track and have visualized what they had in mind. Once the project has been delivered and the client is satisfied, we will forward their payment into you.

Can I take on multiple contracts at the same time?

That’s up to you ( unless your client specifically states otherwise.) We will have features on this in the future, as it is important to pace yourself and not take on too much work- especially when just starting out and building a schedule.

When can I start?

At the moment, you are invited to register interest here and make sure that your name is on the list for early sign up. You will be contacted as soon as soon as registration goes live.
In the mean time, any details you give here of course subjects and skill sets will help build the database and refine our match-making criteria.

English language student sign up form:

Welsh language student sign up form

Keep an eye on this space for more updates and freelancer advice.

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