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Cooked Illustrations

Ian Cooke Tapia

Ian Cooke Tapia is a writer, illustrator and entrepreneur who uses his wide range of storytelling skills to explain the anthropogenic environment. Ian’s work is influenced by his time spent daydreaming around tropical savannah farms, rubbing shoulders with biologists and archaeologists.

Ian achieved a Bachelor of Arts in Illustration from Cardiff Metropolitan University in 2016, and soon realised he needed a bit of help. He started his entrepreneurial journey with plans to open a co-working space, which turned into a digital hub, and later evolved into a digital magazine. While working on this project, he was able to identify a niche where arts and culture could support the improved communication of scientific research through illustration and storytelling.

Ian joined the University of South Wales Startup Stiwdio in 2018, and soon after, he founded Cooked Illustrations. Here he offers a range of services through Animation, Infographics, Comics, Illustrated Reports and much more to improve learning outcomes and audience engagement with research results. Want to collaborate? Drop him a line

Bombus Artisanal.

Amber Jones

Amber Jones is an ambitious fashion designer and a member of the USW Start-Up Stiwdio Newport incubator. She completed a Bachelor of Arts in Fashion and Apparel Design in 2021 at the University of South Wales before going on to pursue a master’s at the University for the Creative Arts. Soon after, Amber was ready to launch her own brand, Bombus Artisanal. Bombus Artisanal is a sustainable and ethical fashion and apparel brand. With a unique blend of vibrant colors and patterns, her wares cater for all genders, representations and sizes. The handmade jackets are made with hand block print fabric GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) cotton and can be seen in a variety of prints on and on Instagram @bombus.artisanal.

VIEW Guide

Nnamdi Omeh

Nnamdi Omeh is a passionate entrepreneur with a goal to create affordable, accessible and reliable assistive technology for the visually impaired and the elderly. Nnamdi is a member of the University of South Wales Start-Up Stiwdio since 2021 with a Masters in Electronics and Information from USW (2020-2021). VIEWGuide Ltd, Nnamdi’s business, develops smart walking guides that help the visually impaired to navigate their environment. The walking stick is equipped with sensors that send vibrations/audio signals to identify objects and further provide guidance to its users. The main goal behind Nnamdi’s innovative product is to ensure affordable, reliable and accessible technology for the social inclusion of the visually impaired community.

Fabled LTD

Robin Hannagan-Jones

Robin Hannagan-Jones is the owner and director of Fabled Ltd, a video production company operating in Cardiff. Robin’s work includes professional videography and photographic content for businesses to use on their various marketing platforms. He has also achieved a first-class degree from University of South Wales in Video Production and has been part of the USW Start-Up Stiwdio since September 2022. Robin has over 13 years of experience working in the hospitality industry, that’s what made Rob combine his passion and work together and launch his own video production company. Primarily working with the hospitality industry, Fabled Ltd also works with various other businesses to increase customer engagement and generate new leads, bookings and sales through digital marketing.

Teeleafa illustrations

Talitha Young

Talitha Young is an up-and-coming illustrator and a member of the University of South Wales Start-up Stiwdio. She has put her BA Hons Illustration degree to good use since graduating in 2022, and is busy with projects, commissions, art markets and preparations for her imminent Etsy shop launch.

More details can be seen on Talitha’s website and Instagram @Teeleafa or Do you have a commission in mind? Get in touch.

NDT South Wales

Victor Ojabo

Victor Ojabo has a strong background in engineering and business, making him well-suited to lead NDT South Wales Ltd. His education at the University of South Wales has equipped him with the technical skills and business knowledge necessary to succeed in his role.

With experience in a variety of industries, including aerospace, petroleum, construction, and manufacturing, Victor has developed a wide-ranging portfolio that demonstrates his ability to adapt to different customer needs.

His commitment to professionalism, integrity, and reliability has helped him establish a reputation for delivering high-quality solutions in a timely manner, making NDT South Wales Ltd a trusted partner for businesses in need of their expertise.

Victor’s association with the USW Start-up Studio further emphasizes his commitment to growth and innovation, and highlights his determination to take his business to new heights.

Wall art for all

Ioan Raileanu

Ioan Raileanu is a mural creator and illustrator with a BA in Illustrations from Cardiff Met and a Postgraduate certificate in Therapeutic Arts from University of South Wales and has also been a member of the University of South Wales Start- Up Stiwdio since 2022. Ioan is a muralist that can design patterns, landscapes, cityscapes, maps, figures and creatures and everything in between. WallArtForAll is the name of Ioan’s business, and has worked on a number of walls of different sizes and budgets, both interior and exterior to showcase his aesthetic hand-painted artistic and scenic designs.

Ioan believes murals can have a huge impact on the transformation of the place as it converts spaces into opportunities for expressions and making the most of places that have mostly been ignored and forgotten. Ioan uses high-quality, non-toxic, low-odour, fast-drying acrylic emulsion paints that last approximately 7+ years. As a result, of which Ioan’s work is suitable for community spaces, schools, nurseries, offices, care homes, hospitals, workplaces and private homes. The main aim behind WallArtForAll is to bring colour and life to all kind of spaces and transforming the environment to an excellent area for new social interactions.

Running Cliché

Mahesh Madhu Naidu

Mahesh Madhu Naidu is a director, writer, producer, and actor, with a Master’s in film direction from the University of South Wales. Along with his business partner, Sam, he set up the production company, Running Cliche, in 2022- and is now based at the Cardiff Startup Stiwdio. Their resume includes promotional videos for universities and businesses, documentary work and independent films. Aside from their own creative endeavours, Running Cliche also film short versions of feature film scripts for other indie writers, to help them pitch to bigger companies.

He has a robust acting resume and if you would like to see him in action, his 2018 film, No Evom, can be found on Amazon Prime. If you would like to work with him, please email